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    'Bacony' Briefs

    Earlier this week when I was roaming around the rooms, I entered into a patient’s room, and at first I wondered why I couldn’t completely close the door as if something was blocking it, and as I looked up, there was an underwear, hanging in the upper wall. A man’s old, ‘bacony’ brief to be exact.

    Of course I was weirded out, how many times do you see an underwear hanging in the wall, but I soon discovered that the person who put it was trying to cover something, a crucifix, in which the patient’s relatives did not believe in. I was shocked really, for someone to hang their briefs in a cross. I know it was inconsiderate of our hospital to assume and hang crosses in every room even if the hospital’s named after a saint, but at least show some respect. You could’ve kindly asked us to remove the cross instead of hanging your underwear in it. I’m not forcing my religion into someone else, and I respect everyone’s opinions, but at least show respect. No need to deface something.

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    Was the medication nurse the other day, shit got me tired. haha It may not seem much but that was a whole lot of medication cards for me.

    OF feeding, CBG, IV meds, Oral meds. Then we need to run three floors down to the pharmacy if the previous shift had incomplete or wrong medication orders.

    You the previous medication nurse, Sinecod Forte is different from Senakot Forte. Haha.

    Was assigned as the charge nurse earlier today, which seems to be the most perfect time for a very toxic duty. Good thing my senior guided me’t  through the way. 2 hours overtime, tiiired.


    PM shift all the way from 3-11pm. I’m not a morning person so I don’t function as much in the morning. Plus it’s hot, and all the doctors do their rounds and the patients have more problems in the morning. Haha.

    Our nursing aid in the ward won P50,000 in the lotto, talk about lucky. 

    My sister’s has a flight here in the Philippines, so she gets to stay for only 24 hours though, and we’re trying much to keep it as a surprise to our parents. At least, 24 hours is better than nothing.

    My girlfriend has plans on going to Japan with her grandma and I was asked to come, sure why not? We’re having our papers processed. Basta libre nyo eh. Haha

    Goodluck to those taking the upcoming NLE this June! 

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    Bringin it back old school. 

    Caramel - City High

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    Eat and sleep.

    What I literally do when I get home from graveyard duty.

    Lols. Kapagoood.

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    It’s not about WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know.

    Exactly the case here in the Philippines, unless of course you wanna pay to become a volunteer. Yep, no salary, no benefits, no nothing, and we’re the ones to pay to get some “experience”. 

    ENTER Backer system. This system has changed the nursing profession into means of getting hired based on "Who you know, and not what you know". So what do we get? Mostly Incompetent, undeserving nurses running hospitals. Ugh. This is the ugly truth.

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    Condom clearance.

    I was buying something at this grocery when I saw they had a "Buy-one-take-five-more-because-they’re-about-to-expire-anyways" or a clearance section. There were snacks, candies, some household commodities, etc. And It was funny cause there was a guy going through a box of condoms hidden in the middle of the huge pile of snacks.

    Yep newsflash, condoms do expire. Latex becomes brittle in the long run, and don’t put them in your wallets, how is that even considered a lucky charm? Heat in your wallets makes it prone to break easier.

    That guy was risking using an almost expired condom, make that five, just to save a couple off bucks. Guess he thought it was better than nothing.

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    Gotta live like we’re dying - The Script

    fcuk yeah new album! #3 :)

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  8. This post is Collage

    A day after the results, and the board ratings came out, though some were disappointed. I get the fact that having a low score will give you a hard time to find a hospital job here in the Philippines, but what’s important really is you worked hard to pass and your prayers were answered; consider yourself blessed.

    Sometimes we have to be content with what we have instead of grieving over something some people don’t even have. In the end, aren’t we all still nurses?

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  9. Photoa photo

    i was making this when the results came out. Thank you Lord! Officially an R.N. :))(Taken with Instagram)

    i was making this when the results came out. Thank you Lord! Officially an R.N. :))(Taken with Instagram)

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    It sucks that people who smoke, not only harm themselves, but also the people around them. Then you’ll start hearing them say, mind your own business. BITCH your smoke gets in my business. Honestly I won’t care if smoking only affects the user, but damn. I fcukin hate people who smoke.

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    Church outreach.

    Late post: So my family did this outreach where we decided to give out hot soup and crackers, and give some of our old clothes at our local church (not the one in the picture), where around 100 families evacuated to during the flood. In troubled times like these, the church is our refuge.

    So there were already a lot of volunteers who helped us at the church, and I didn’t want to overpopulate it so I basically had nothing to do, which made me decide to open a BP monitoring station, lol, where people lined up and, obviously, I took their blood pressures and gave some advice on simple treatment regimens on common diseases. It may not seem much, but hey. I haven’t taken a blood pressure in months!

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    Nine days rain.

    It’s the rainy season again! Time to wear all those jackets and hoodies stuck in your cabinet, time for more cold afternoon naps, falling asleep to the sound of the rain, for hot soups and lugaw, and you finally have a reason to sleep with a blanket and cuddle up. 

    But all of this seems wrong with all the flood going on, thousands of Filipinos forced to evacuate their homes, along with the rising cases of Leptospirosis and Dengue, all the traffic it’s been causing, all the lives that it took, work and school hours delayed, and all the hassle it has brought us.


    It’s been raining non stop for today and the past days, and it won’t seem to stop in the following days. Keep safe everyone, Godbless.

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    Teenagers these days doesn’t know what “Butterflies in the stomach” mean, because all they can feel is their baby kicking.


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