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    DAYS Before the NLE


    Get enough sleep the night before, don’t even think of trying to read some topics last minute.

    Eat a heavy breakfast, but not ‘buffet’ heavy. You’ll only be munching on snacks the rest of the day so you need to get full.

    As much as possible empty your bowel the morning of the test, you…

    Goodluck to everyone tomorrow! :)

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    so deep. haha.

    so deep. haha.

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    A man with OCD recites a poem about his one true love. It’s heartbreaking.

    To everyone who ever said “I have OCD” just because they’re organized, tidy, super clean, meticulous…this is what OCD looks like. 

    How about we stop using that term so lightly. 


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    When a patient smokes.

    When a patient with pleural effusion who is having a really difficult time with breathing, has oxygen at 5LPM via a face mask her relatives comes over and decides to smoke, in a room with a huge ass oxygen tank.

    Kinda like this, but with a bigger oxygen tank, stronger oxygen delivery, and in a closed contained room.

    You inconsiderate bastard. You’re gonna blow this place up. GTFO out of here.

    I don’t get why she would allow the relative tho. Guessing she smokes too. Jeez patients and their relatives these days. 

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    'Bacony' Briefs

    Earlier this week when I was roaming around the rooms, I entered into a patient’s room, and at first I wondered why I couldn’t completely close the door as if something was blocking it, and as I looked up, there was an underwear, hanging in the upper wall. A man’s old, ‘bacony’ brief to be exact.

    Of course I was weirded out, how many times do you see an underwear hanging in the wall, but I soon discovered that the person who put it was trying to cover something, a crucifix, in which the patient’s relatives did not believe in. I was shocked really, for someone to hang their briefs in a cross. I know it was inconsiderate of our hospital to assume and hang crosses in every room even if the hospital’s named after a saint, but at least show some respect. You could’ve kindly asked us to remove the cross instead of hanging your underwear in it. I’m not forcing my religion into someone else, and I respect everyone’s opinions, but at least show respect. No need to deface something.

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    DAYS Before the NLE

    Get enough sleep the night before, don’t even think of trying to read some topics last minute.  

    Eat a heavy breakfast, but not ‘buffet’ heavy. You’ll only be munching on snacks the rest of the day so you need to get full. 

    As much as possible empty your bowel the morning of the test, you don’t want the feeling of taking a dump in the middle of the exam. Or worse, diarrhea.

    Don’t eat heavy meals in the breaks between exams, trust me on this. Avoid rice at all costs. Haha. You’ll be all sleepy come the test time. Instead munch on snacks. 


    Empty your bladder between breaks. Duh. Some of the rooms are pretty cold, and you’re not allowed to leave the room unless you’re done. Though research suggests that you make better life choices when you ‘need to pee’. Though I wouldn’t bet it on a multiple choice exam. Haha.

    You’re allowed to bring in candies inside, so you got something to munch on. I personally brought lots of gum, and M&M’s.

    Bringin in chips, is allowed, though I wouldn’t recommend it. The lady in front of me was eating what I was guessing as cassava chips. Are you eating shards of glass? Cause I swear those are the crispiest and noisiest chips I’ve heard. It gets annoying, seriously, and plus you don’t want oily or cheesy fingers smudging in your paper. Couldn’t you wait until the break lady? Jeez.


    Research suggests that chewing gum before an exam improves performance. So there you go. And bring like, real gum, not iCool or Vfresh or something, those taste nasty  as you chew on them for a long time. Haha.

    Read each question carefully! Sometimes the questions are so simple it slaps you in the face with the basics and you over analyze. Know what is being asked. There are lots of tricks questions too, watch out for them. If all else fails, use test taking strategies.image

    Do not talk about the exam in between breaks. And I mean don’t. Though it really can’t be helped, comparing questions will only make you worry if they had a different answer than yours. Who knows who’s right and who’s wrong. Worrying is not something you should carry on until the next tests, you need to focus on the current test and not the previous one.

    Some of you may be assigned to the public schools, with them tiny wooden chairs that have holes in the wood and slightly rock. You can bring a clipboard if you want, I’m not sure if they still require it to be transparent. You don’t want to punch a hole through your paper. 

    It’ll be hot as you’re wearing your duty uniform. You’re gonna sweat, be prepared. It’ll be noisy especially when you’re testing area’s beside a public market. A little sacrifice for a lifetime of your profession ahead.


    I had the habit of placing my handkerchief under my writing hand during the exam. My hands sweat a lot, plus it was a cold room, and what’s worse than smudging that graphite lead in your paper. Forgetting to shade your set number, that’s what.

    Don’t forget to shade in your SET number. Remember, If you were Set A in NP1, you’d be Set A until NP5. And if you were given a Set B during one of the NP’s, you need to speak up son.

    Some of the proctors were kind enough to let some of the students who forgot to shade their set numbers to shade it later on during the breaks. I heard a story where this one proctor said, “One of you will already fail, someone forgot to shade in their set number”. Wow what a douche. Way to kill the mood eh?

    What I usually do when I don’t know the answer is to move on and go back to it later. Usually, when you’re lucky, you’ll find hints in the following questions, or when you’re even luckier, you’ll suddenly remember the answer. Best feeling ever. When you’re screwed, there’s always test taking strategies. I guessed a lot too. Haha.

    After the first day, all you need to do is relax and get some sleep. Stop studying you know you already done enough. Get enough rest again for the second day. And after that, it’s all about having fun and celebrating.


    Never doubt yourself, if you know you’ve done enough, don’t even think about failing. It’s only a question of how high can you get.

    Lastly, have faith and pray. No need to bless those pencils and uniforms, they’re not the ones taking the test. It’s all about YOU. Have faith in yourself and never forget to pray. Sometimes when I really struggled midway through the test, I dropped my pencils, lean back, closed my eyes, took a deep sigh, and just prayed. Do it more than enough and you’ll be acing that test.

    Its 4 years plus months of review versus that two days of exam. Don’t let it beat you, you worked hard for this. Best of luck!

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    Was the medication nurse the other day, shit got me tired. haha It may not seem much but that was a whole lot of medication cards for me.

    OF feeding, CBG, IV meds, Oral meds. Then we need to run three floors down to the pharmacy if the previous shift had incomplete or wrong medication orders.

    You the previous medication nurse, Sinecod Forte is different from Senakot Forte. Haha.

    Was assigned as the charge nurse earlier today, which seems to be the most perfect time for a very toxic duty. Good thing my senior guided me’t  through the way. 2 hours overtime, tiiired.


    PM shift all the way from 3-11pm. I’m not a morning person so I don’t function as much in the morning. Plus it’s hot, and all the doctors do their rounds and the patients have more problems in the morning. Haha.

    Our nursing aid in the ward won P50,000 in the lotto, talk about lucky. 

    My sister’s has a flight here in the Philippines, so she gets to stay for only 24 hours though, and we’re trying much to keep it as a surprise to our parents. At least, 24 hours is better than nothing.

    My girlfriend has plans on going to Japan with her grandma and I was asked to come, sure why not? We’re having our papers processed. Basta libre nyo eh. Haha

    Goodluck to those taking the upcoming NLE this June! 

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    Especially to the kids who needs a skin test. haha. most painful thing ever. Then when they see you again or anyone wearing white, they start to hate you.

    Especially to the kids who needs a skin test. haha. most painful thing ever. Then when they see you again or anyone wearing white, they start to hate you.

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    Breast self exam. Awesome Ad.

    Breast self exam. Awesome Ad.

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    This is how nurses water their plants. With an IV infusion. Ensures continuous watering, pretty clever :)
"1L of D5W to run for 24 hours at 10gtts/min for the potato"

    This is how nurses water their plants. With an IV infusion. Ensures continuous watering, pretty clever :)

    "1L of D5W to run for 24 hours at 10gtts/min for the potato"

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    26 Funniest Charting Errors Found on Actual Patients’ Medical Charts



    “On the second day, the knee was better, and on the third day it disappeared!”

    “Patient has chest pain if she lies on her left side for over a year.”

    “She is numbed from her toes down.”

    “Cough with flame” (I guess that nurse’s patient was a dragon!).

    “Rectal examination revealed a normal sized thyroid”. Or maybe, that nurse has really long index finger.

    Another thing, assessment cues like these can be really confusing:

    “Skin: somewhat pale but present.”

    “The skin was moist and dry.”

    “Occasional, constant, infrequent headaches.”

    “Patient was alert and unresponsive.”

    Medical History

    “The patient has no previous history of suicides.”

    “The patient has been depressed since she began seeing me in 1993.”

    “She stated that she had been constipated for most of her life, until she got separated”, that patient’s marriage must be really awful, talk about getting a relief!

    “Patient has two teenage children, but no other abnormalities”, DSM-V now indicates that having teenage children is an abnormality.

    “The patient was to have a bowel resection. However, he took a job as a stockbroker instead.”

    Weird Nursing Diagnoses 

    “Acute pain related to witchcraft”. Lol what. I’m guessing the patient stated she was “nakulam”

    “Bowel incontinence related to shyness”. Hahahaha.

    “Insomnia related to computer games”.

    Interventions & Others

    “Discharge status: Alive but without permission.” I didn’t knew that hospitals now issue permissions for you to be alive.

    “The patient refused autopsy.” – LOL

    “With 02 inhalation via foley bag catheter attached to urobag.”

    “Advised patient to take a bath”

    “IVF consumed and terminated then replaced with the same IVF”

    “Regulated IVF to KVO to run for 2 hours”

    “While in ER, she was examined, X-rated and sent home.” LOOOL Xrated hahaha.

    “The lab test indicated abnormal lover function.”

    And the winner is: 

    “She has no rigors or shaking chills, but her husband states she was very hot in bed last night”.

    (Source: nurseslabs.com)

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Tokyo tower (by Rickuz)


    Tokyo tower (by Rickuz)

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  13. EXPRESS throughMUSIC

    Bringin it back old school. 

    Caramel - City High

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